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[e-drug] Price information

E-drug: Price information

Dear E-druggers,

Norway has finally got price data on the web. Unfortunately only in
Norwegian, but some of you may still be able to find your way using the
explanation below.

As you may have noticed WHO now has a compilation of drug price information
at http://www.who.int/medicines/organization/par/ipc/drugpriceinfo.shtml.
There is a link to the Norwegian database there, but the info below is
supplementary to the small para on how prices are set in Norway.

Contains all drugs on prescription with marketing authorisation. In
Norwegian. Search (S�k) using 3 or more letters. Search for product name
(Preparatnavn), active ingredient (Virkestoff) or company (Firmanavn/logo).
When coming to the list of products, click on strength and you get a table
with the following fields:
Item code (Varenr)
Pack size (Volum)
Pack size description (Betegnelse)
Prescription category ( R )
Maximum pharmacy purchase price (AIP)
Maximum pharmacy sales price/retail price (incl. VAT) (AUP)
Reimbursement code (Refusjon)

Kirsten Myhr, MScPharm, MPH
Head, RELIS Ost Drug Information Centre
Ulleval University Hospital
0407 OSLO, Norway
Tel: +47 23 01 64 11  Fax: +47 23 01 64 10
kirsten.myhr@relis.ulleval.no (w)
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