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[e-drug] New Features on International Drug Price Indicator Guide Web Site

  • Subject: [e-drug] New Features on International Drug Price Indicator Guide Web Site
  • From: jmcfadyen@msh.org
  • Date: Thu, 26 Sep 2002 06:28:55 -0400 (EDT)

E-drug: New Features on International Drug Price Indicator Guide Web Site

Dear Colleagues,

The MSH Center for Pharmaceutical Management and the MSH Electronic 
Products Group invite you to visit the new and improved Web site for 
the International Drug Price Indicator Guide. The site, which can be 
found at http://erc.msh.org, has a new design and several useful new 

If you are logged into the MSH Electronic Resource Center, you can 
create and save lists of drugs from the Guide for easy summary 
information. You can also plan your budget or tender by entering drug 
quantities. The Web site will then calculate the estimated costs 
using the tender and supplier median prices for those drugs. In 
addition, you can enter the prices you are paying for drugs and the 
site will calculate the percentage of the international tender and 
supplier medians that your prices represent. All of this information 
can be saved and printed for easy reference. We have also added a 
currency converter, so the prices on the site can be viewed in any 
currency, calculated at today's exchange rate.

We will be adding the new design and functionality to the Spanish and 
French versions of the Guide in the near future, and updating the 
price data at the end of the year. Please visit the expanded site and 
let us know if you have any ideas for new features or functions; we 
are always interested in improving the site. Please also help us 
spread the word by letting your colleagues know about the Web version 
of the International Drug Price Indicator Guide. Thank you.

Best regards,

Julie McFadyen
Editor, International Drug Price Indicator Guide
Center for Pharmaceutical Management
Management Sciences for Health, USA
E-mail: jmcfadyen@msh.org
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