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[e-drug] Are vitamin B1 injections essential? (cont)

E-drug: Are vitamin B1 injections essential? (cont)

Parenteral Thiamine [vitamin B1] is necessary if only to prevent encephalopathy

Alistair Bolt
Norfolk & Norwich Hospital

[Even in cases of severe thiamine deficiency (beri-beri) as found in 
refugee populations, food fortification or oral drug therapy is 
usually sufficient.  However severe cases of 'wet beri-beri' may 
require parenteral therapy and respond quickly but peripheral 
neuropathy associated with 'dry beri-beri' can prove more resistant. 
MSF and UNHCR provide the reference: Garrow JS, James WPT.  Human 
nutrition and diet  fat soluble vitamins and water soluble vitamins. 
London: Churchill Livingstone, 1993, 208-238.  BS]
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