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[e-drug] Another email searcher

E-drug: Another email searcher
[cross-posted from Afronets with thanks. BS]

Ultra low bandwidth Google
Google can now be searched via e-mail using a demo from a company
called 'Cape Clear'. The demo is built on Google's publicly available 
open APIs.

Simply address an e-mail to <google@capeclear.com> with your search
terms in the 'subject' window. Then send. In about a minute, top ten
search results arrive in a return e-mail.

It really works. Try it!

For more details see:

[I tried it on 'oral rehydration' and 'donation guidelines' and it 
does work.  A list of very reputable references arrived in about one 
minute.  However, to access the references does involve opening 
websites. BS]
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