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[e-drug] Nigeria's DRA subjected to "mafia-like" attack

  • Subject: [e-drug] Nigeria's DRA subjected to "mafia-like" attack
  • From: [email protected]
  • Date: Thu, 5 Sep 2002 08:09:34 -0400 (EDT)

E-DRUG: Nigeria's DRA subjected to "mafia-like" attack
[Trying to stop counterfeiters seems to be dangerous. Here an alarming
story from Nigeria. Maybe Mr Bale of IFPMA can assist these people?
Crossposted with thanks from AFRO-NETS; WB]

Dear All,

Since the present Director-General of the National Agency for Food
and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) assumed office about one
and a half years ago, she intensified offensive against local manu-
facturers, distributors and importers of fake, expired, substandard,
counterfeit and unregistered drugs, food and drink products in the
country as provided for by law. Obviously, this has not gone down
well with shady actors in the business. The two related reports be-
low, speak to the "mafia-like" attitudes prevailing in Nigeria pres-

Write, Fax or Telephone the D-G of NAFDAC to bolster her courage and
support the organisation in efforts to rid Nigeria of fake, expired,
substandard and counterfeit drugs, food and drinks.

Contact information for NAFDAC is:

Dr. (Mrs) Dora Akunyili
Director General
National Agency for Foods and Drugs Administration and
Control (NAFDAC)
Plot 1057, Ikeja Crescent, Off Festival Road
Area 2, Garki-Abuja
Tel.: + 234-9-234-6380-3
Fax.: + 234-9-234-6382
Email: unknown

Also send a copy of your solidarity note to:
The Minister of Health
Federal Ministry of Health and Social Services
Block 4A (301-399), 3rd Floor
New Fed. Secretariat Complex, Shehu Shagari Way
P.M.B. 83, (Garki Post Office), Abuja
Tel: + 234-9-523-4590
Fax: unknown
Email: unknown

A. Odutola
CHPSS, Lagos, Nigeria
mailto: [email protected]


Robbers raid NAFDAC laboratory

Published: September 1 2002
Posted: September 1 2002

By Shaka Momodu

Suspected hoodlums in the early hours of yesterday raided NAFDAC's
Laboratory at Oshodi, Lagos carting away some food and drink samples
and leaving the destruction of other items on their trails. The rob-
bers said to have numbered over 30, stormed the compound at about
1.00 a.m and operated till daybreak without interruption.

In a statement issued by the Director-General of the Agency, Dr.
(Mrs) Dora Akunyili, the hoodlums gained access into the premises
through the wall linking NITEL and Federal Medical Stores Oshodi, ad-
jacent to NAFDAC Laboratory.

After they successfully "tied up all the security men on duty, having
stripped and inflicted serious machete injuries on the only Mobile
Police Officer on duty at the UNICEF Office within the Federal Stores
after disarming him; they subsequently gained access into NAFDAC
Laboratory Complex," the statement stated.

They proceeded to break windows and doors, ransacked most of the of-
fices, Laboratories and stores. They drank alcoholic beverage sam-
ples, took away some food and drink samples, and destroyed some they
could not carry away."

Apparently not done, they removed portable instruments and equipment
including Lap Tops, Balances, PH Meter and Radiation Measuring equip-

They destroyed and vandalised bulky instruments, like the Gas Chro-
matographs, Mass Spectrophotometer, Atomic Absorption Spectrophotome-
ter, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrophotometer, UPSs and Printers
attached to the instruments and the PABX Communication system.

Dr. Akunyili lamented the destruction saying "they have grounded
Oshodi laboratory but they have not grounded NAFDAC. If they were
robbers they would have taken what they can, but they came here to
destroy everything. We are determined more than ever before to carry
on with all our work, this can not stop us. If need be we will fly
samples abroad for laboratory analysis".

The agency has in recent time intensified her offensive against im-
porters of fake drugs, expired and unregistered products in the coun-


NAFDAC is on course

Published: September 3 2002
Posted: September 3 2002

Director General of the National Agency for Food and Drug Administra-
tion and Control (NAFDAC), Dr. Mrs. Dora Akunyili has affirmed that
last week's malicious attack on the Agency's laboratory complex at
Oshodi, will not in any way affect the Agency's resolve to protect
the health of consumers of regulated products as required by law.

Speaking during an inspection tour of the premises shortly after un-
known persons broke into the complex and ransacked most of the of-
fices, laboratories and stores, and in the process inflicted damages
estimated at N200 million, she noted that the Agency would get back
on stream this week.

Her words: "I am not intimidated by this act of sabotage. The Agency
has labs in other parts of the country and there are labs that we can
use outside of the country and let me assure you that we will be back
on stream in the nest week."

Sounding a note of warning to fake drug merchants and others running
foul of laws governing regulated products, she said they had come to
the end of the road because the Agency was undeterred in its resolve
to safeguard public health and safety.

Akunyili, in her brief, narrated how in the early hours of Friday Au-
gust 30, night marauders, believed to have numbered up to 30, gained
access into the complex grounds and wreaked havoc which has crippled
the activities of the laboratory. "They intimidated and tied up all
the security men, stripping and inflicting serious machete injuries
on the single Mobile Police Officer on duty at UNICEF office within
the Federal Medical Stores and collected his gun, thereafter gaining
access into NAFDAC laboratory complex.

"They broke windows and doors, ransacked most of the offices, labora-
tories and stores, drank alcoholic beverage samples, took away some
food and drink samples, destroyed some they could not carry away, re-
moved portable instruments and equipment including lap tops, bal-
ances, pH meters and radiation measuring equipment."

According to the DG, bulky instruments including the gas chromato-
graphs, mass spectrophotometer, atomic absorption spectrophotometer,
UPSs and printers attached to the instruments and the PABX communica-
tion system.

The invaders also broke into the instruments spares store and the
sterile microbiology laboratory destroying samples and exposing
specimens. Several vehicles parked within the premises were not
spared as they were broken into and vandalized.

Meanwhile, the Agency has begun a nationwide clampdown on street
hawkers of drugs and other regulated products with a view to stamping
out the hawking of drugs. Speaking on the ongoing raid Director of
Enforcement, Pharm Dioka Ejionueme, stated that this particular phase
of the crusade against fake and substandard products has fully taken
off in Lagos and would soon take off simultaneously in all pats of
the country. According to him, enforcement officers now go out on
daily basis and raid streets and markets in the daytime and also at

Ejionueme observed that street hawking has been identified as a major
means of distributing fake, substandard, adulterated and dangerous
drugs and controlled substances.

He warned that the full weight of the law would descend on offenders
who apart from forfeiting the products for destruction will also face
stiff sanctions.


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