How Do Steroids Become Addictive And Can It Be Treated?

Steroids help develop muscle mass exponentially and faster, but the repercussions are not worth it. The medical dangers aside, the main issue with steroid use is the prevailing addiction that users develop over time. Steroids are not like your typical drugs that cause intoxications; however, they are responsible for multiple addiction disorders.

Overdosing on steroids is a real danger to many modern athletes and amateur sports hobbyists. To achieve peak performance or to attain the respect of their peers, many people overdose and start to abuse the drug frequently [1].

Reasons For Addiction

Behavioural symptoms become visible and more prevalent when people start to abuse usage of steroids. Also, users who have a record of substance abuse are most likely to use steroids more than the prescribed amounts. Steroid overdosing is a common incident in which the afflicted individuals have to go to rehab or need intervention to prevent their addiction.

Withdrawal symptoms of users are common when steroids are involved. Steroids influence physical appearance, making people stronger. Whereas the withdrawal can cause shrinkage to the average size of the person. The physical change affects the users mentally because the perceived confidence resulting from steroids is diminished with their outer appearance [2].

Ways To Prevent Or Treat Steroids Addiction

Athletes are more prone to abusing steroids; that’s why it’s necessary to place preventive measures. Peer intervention is required to reduce the risk of steroid use and abuse. The intervention of peers and family is essential to discourage the use of steroids in the first place.

Informing adolescents and athletes about the dangers of steroid use are found to be quite effective in prevention. Also, making sure to educate individuals about the harmful effects of steroids helps the individual make a wise decision and avoid overdosing.

The weight of both arguments will become quite clear, and with a bit of counselling, the individuals will have higher chances of avoiding steroids altogether. Programs that specially deal with the prevention of steroids should be introduced to people that practice sports regularly, athletes, as well as educational institutes.

Moreover, the educational programs prepare the individuals to avoid harmful behaviours that would lead them to use steroids. Moulding the individual’s mindset is the most effective way to combat steroid use and abuse.

How Steroids Addicts Affect Others?

The individual is not the only one that is affected because of steroid abuse. The crippling addiction can have adverse effects on people that are close to the afflicted. The individual develops different harmful behaviours. As a result,  people close to them are hurt, due to financial instability, ignoring responsibilities, social issues with people, and much more.

In addition, getting professional help is advised when you have contracted an addiction. The people around the afflicted addict must help him recover and provide intervention wherever necessary. Only through continuous interventions and preventive steps can steroids abuse and usage be put to a complete stop.




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