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INDICES> aablaquin for Pl. Vivax malaria relapse?

  • From: "kspc dic" <kspcdic@hotmail.com>
  • Date: Thu, 19 Oct 2000 04:59:38 -0400 (EDT)

aablaquin for Pl. Vivax malaria relapse?

Dear indices friends,

In India aablaquin capsules along with chloroquine capsules are available
for prevention of relapse of p.vivax. can any one thro'some light on this
aablaquin, how it works and other details.

drug information center
Email: kspcdic@hotmail.com

[A quick Internet search on www.google.com reveals:

Aablaquin is a brandname for bulaquine. It was launched in August by Nicholas
Piramal India Ltd, and was apparently developed jointly with the Central Drug
Research Institute of India. Patents have been requested in Brazil, Korea,
Thailand and Tanzania.

MEDLINE did not have a single article on "bulaquine" or "aablaquin". This may
reflect its lack of coverage of Indian Scientific journals, but it is worrying that
nothing has been written in a peer-reviewed journal.

As this is a new chemical entity, you can only ask the company or the Drug Regulatory
Authority. The company should have done some Clinical Trials in order to get its

But if chloroquine still works for Plasmodium Vivax, why switch to something new and
not yet wellknown?

Wilbert Bannenberg, co-moderator
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