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[e-med] 2ème liste Modèle OMS des médicaments essentiels pour les enfants

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  • Date: Tue, 5 May 2009 10:43:10 +0200

Pour consulter les nouvelles listes modèles (versions provisoires) :

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Objet : [e-drug] 2nd Model EML for Children

E-DRUG: 2nd Model EML for Children
[As a standard, the Committee also looked at the EML for Children. WB]

2nd EML for Children:

Additions, changes and deletions to the EMLc

1. The Committee made the following changes to the Sections:

Section 6.2: The age restriction was removed from procaine
benzylpenicillin on the basis of
potential mortality benefits in neonates with severe sepsis. However,
the note was amended
to indicate restricted use: not recommended as first-line treatment for
neonatal sepsis except
in settings with high neonatal mortality, when given by trained health
workers in cases
where hospital care is not achievable.

Section 6.3 and Section 6.5.2: The listing of liposomal amphoteracin B
was modified to
specify both the deoxycholate and the liposomal form.

2. The Committee recommended the following additions to the EMLc:

Section 6.3 and Section 6.5.2: Addition of the liposomal formulation of
ampotericin B.

Section Addition of artemeter + lumefantrine 20 mg + 120 mg
dispersible tablet.

Section 12.4: Addition of enalapril as the indicative
angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor,
2.5 mg and 5 mg tablets.

Section 17.2: Addition of ondansetron with a square box, 2 mg/ml
injection, 4 mg/5 ml oral
liquid and 4 mg and 8 mg solid oral dosage form.

3. The Committee recommended that the following listings for
medicines be amended to correct dosage strength and form:

Section 25.1: Strength of budesonide listing was corrected to, 100
micrograms per dose and
200 micrograms per dose inhalation (aerosol).

4. The Committee considered proposals for the following medicines
but rejected their inclusion in the Model List for Children:

Section 12.4: Carvedilol tablets - rejected on the grounds that there
was not enough
evidence of its comparative effectiveness and safety to justify
inclusion in the
complementary list of the EMLc.