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[e-drug] Workshop: Forecasting, Quantification of Essential Health Commodities, Netherlands, 13-18 Oct

  • From: "i+ Solutions -Training" <Training@iplussolutions.org>
  • Date: Mon, 19 Aug 2013 16:08:54 +0200

E-DRUG: Workshop: Forecasting, Quantification of Essential Health Commodities,
Netherlands, 13-18 Oct
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Dear e-druggers,

i+solutions will organize a workshop on Forecasting and Quantification of Essential Health Commodities, given in English, scheduled to take place in the Netherlands from the 13th to the 18th October. The application deadline is on the 15th September.

More information can be found at http://www.iplussolutions.org/en/content/forecasting-and-quantification-essential-health-commodities.

This course addresses the major challenges faced during quantification for HIV/AIDS, Anti-Malaria, TB medicines and other health commodities. It aims at building participantsâ capacity to master the forecasting and quantification processes, together with a deep analysis of the data required and the appropriate procurement planning process.

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:
- Demonstrate how an adequate forecasting and quantification plan can address the stocks out/overstock situations.
- Demonstrate the quantification process and conduct quantification using both the consumption and morbidity based quantification methods.
- Recognize the characteristics of good quantification systems.
- Establish and maintain an efficient forecasting and quantification plan suitable for their work settings.
- Monitor and evaluate the quantification processes.

Covered Topics
The course is highly participatory, the interchange of skills and experience among course members is essential for training activities and learning. The course contains presentations, discussions, exercises, and case studies. The major topics include:
- Overview of the vital functions of the supply chain quantification for medicines and medical supplies.
- The critical steps for a successful quantification.
- Data collection and analysis.
- Forecasting methods and processes.
- Procurement planning.
- Monitoring and evaluation of the quantification processes.
- Practical activity / Individual/group exercises.

- At least 2 year work experiences in Central and Regional level of PSM;
- At least 3 year direct work experience in Quantification area;
- Strong English language skill is necessary.

Course Fee
- 2,800 euros

Tee Fee Includes:
- Tuition fee (including course materials and admission costs).
- Transfer to and from the training venue to Amsterdam International Airport.
- Hotel accommodation (single occupancy) for the duration of the course (from Sunday to Saturday). 6 nights in total.
- Welcome Dinner on Sunday and Farewell Dinner on Friday.
- Three meals a day during the course period (from Monday to Friday).
- Coffee and tea during course breaks.
- Certificate.

Application and Deadline
Interested candidates are requested to fill out and return an application form for pre-registration. i+solutions will review applicant's qualification and motivation per the requirements of the applied course, then send a confirmation and invoice to selected candidates. Application and fee must be received as soon as possible and at the latest on the 15th September, 2013.

i+solutions reserves rights to postpone and/or cancel the training if we do not receive the minimum number of participants after the registration deadline.

To request for application form and/or more information on the course, please contact.

Kun-Chieh Wu
Training & Consultancy Department
E-mail: training@iplussolutions.org
Website : http://www.iplussolutions.org/en/content/forecasting-and-quantification-essential-health-commodities

More Trainings can be found at http://www.iplussolutions.org/
- Managing Procurement of Essential Health Commodities, 20 - 25 October 2013
- Managing Inventory in Supply Chain, 17 - 22 November 2013

i+ Solutions -Training <Training@iplussolutions.org>