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[e-drug] Improve Capacity for Managing Medcial Procurement and Quantification

  • From: "i+ Solutions -Training" <Training@iplussolutions.org>
  • Date: Mon, 28 Mar 2011 13:57:52 +0200

E-DRUG: Improve Capacity for Managing Medcial Procurement and Quantification
[For application form and/or information, contact i+solutions training department at training@iplussolutions.org]

Today, there are many challenges presented by the increasing number of stakeholders in the health sector especially in developing countries. These challenges range from different funding mechanism to reporting requirements, and influence the quantification and subsequent procurement of medicines and medical supplies. The course in 'Procurement and Quantification Management of Medicines and Medical Supplies', conducted by i+solutions and it's experienced consultants, addresses the major challenges faced during quantification and procurement and aims at building participants' capacity to manage the quantification and procurement processes in a multi-stakeholder environment.

The course is mainly for those responsible for the quantification and procurement components of the supply chain especially, pharmacists and pharmaceutical buyers, physicians, senior health system managers and technical assistance professionals.

The major topics of the course include: Overview of procurement and procurement planning; Procurement Methods and supplier selection; Overview of quantification for medicines and medical supplies; Quantification and procurement in emergencies; Financing mechanisms, cost saving through efficient quantification and procurement; Standard Operating Procedures (SOPS) for procurement and quantification; and Monitoring and evaluation of the procurement and quantification processes.

The upcoming P&Q trainings in 2011 are scheduled from June 5 - 10 (French version) and July 3 - 8 (English version) in the Netherlands. An early payment discount of â 200 is offered to all applicants. To request for application form and/or inquire more course information, please contact i+solutions training department at training@iplussolutions.org.

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