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[e-drug] Vacancy - MSF International Pharmaceutical Coordination

  • From: "Thuy-Nga LI" <thuy-nga.li@paris.msf.org>
  • Date: Tue, 21 Sep 2010 15:18:43 +0200

E-DRUG: Vacancy for a Pharmacist position - Médecins Sans Frontières International Pharmaceutical Coordination

Dear all,

Please find below the vacancy for a senior Pharmacist position (60%) for
Medecins Sans Frontieres.

POSITION TITLE : Deputy pharmacist position in International
Pharmaceutical Coordination
(The position is open until 10th October 2010)

The objective of the pharmacist's network is to assure the quality of
drugs in MSF projects. The network of pharmacists is composed of
pharmacists working in the medical departments of the operational centers
(section pharmacists), pharmacists in procurement centres, pharmacists in
the access campaign (including a coordinator) and regional positions (one
at the moment based in Kenya). Coordination of this network is done by the international pharmacist coordinator (IPC) who has a permanent position within MSF international office.

Main activities of the international pharmacist coordination are:
- To maintain the coherence of the network (organization, meetings)
- To ensure common specifications and procedures are implemented and used
in all sections
- To coordinate the implementation of the MSF Qualification Scheme for
international procurement and all related activities (specifications,
audits, market investigation) with the support of external experts
- To ensure procurement at field level is in accordance with MSF quality
and procurement policy and coordinate field visits
- To participate to external networks/meetings with other key
international actors (UNICEF, WHO, ICRC) sharing the objectives to
improve quality of drugs on the international market.

The deputy pharmacist is under the direct responsibility of the
international pharmacists coordinator.
(S)He will be in close contacts with the pharmacists network and
particularly the section pharmacists group.

The objectives of this position is to support the international
coordinator in the following:
- all aspects related to procurement at field level and particularly
support to local purchase
- strategic planning and implementation of pharmaceutical activities
- Other support to the pharmacist coordinator and sections pharmacists as

Support in all aspects related to procurement at field level and
particularly local purchase:
- Ensure close contacts with section pharmacists and be their focal point
person within the coordination for any support needed
- Strengthen tools to support section pharmacists on local market
- Organize section pharmacist meetings
- Coordinate the field visits
- Follow-up of field visits: give feedback on reports done by section
pharmacists and bring to discussion any important issue
- Update the importation constraints table with information collected at
country level (with inclusion of the balance between import and local
purchase based on financial information received from sections)
- Be sure relevant manufacturer information is passed to section
pharmacists (update of manufacturer table)
- Accompany field visits if necessary for coaching and support of new
section pharmacists

Support to the international coordination:
- Contribute to the planning and implementation of the network objectives.
- Coaching/training of new comers
- Participate to networks/ meetings/international forums on quality issues
on behalf of the coordinator when needed
- Give support to the coordinator on specific dossiers on ad-hoc basis

Support to section pharmacists
- Evaluate product dossiers submitted by procurement centres and the
access campaign for international procurement for approval (delegation
from section pharmacists)
- Train section pharmacists, and new comers in procurement centres and in
the campaign on product dossier assessments


The 60% position is open for 1 year and should start in November 2010 or
as soon as possible
Regular evaluations are foreseen.
Renewal of the mandate is subject to evaluation and new budget approval.

(S)He will be based in principle in one of the 5 operational sections,
preferably in Paris where the coordination office is based.

Senior pharmacist with degree/diploma in Pharmacy

Minimum 5 years of experience, with at least 3 years in MSF (with specific
focus on pharmaceutical field realities)
Good knowledge of MSF quality and procurement policies
With experience in quality evaluation

Fluency in English mandatory (French and Spanish would be added
Mature with strong interpersonal and organisational skills
Ability to work and report independently
Willingness to travel regularly in Europe and in the field
Able to represent MSF in relevant meetings

The position is open until 10th October 2010
CV and motivation letter should be sent by mail, fax or email to
Isabelle Saussereau, International Office, Geneva
Fax: + 41 22 849 84 04
Email: isabelle.saussereau@msf.org