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[e-drug] Course Antiretroviral and Related Drugs Management in Low Resource Settings

  • From: "Jawahar S. Bapna" <arvsupply@gmail.com>
  • Date: Wed, 27 Aug 2008 16:18:33 +0200

E-DRUG: Course Antiretroviral and Related Drugs Management in Low Resource Settings

Anti-retroviral and Related Drugs Management in Low Resource Settings
23-29 November 2008, Institute of Health Management Research, Jaipur, India

This is the second training programme on "Antiretroviral and Related
Drugs Management in Low Resource Settings" at this Institute.
Access to anti-retroviral medicines is poor in low resource settings in
developing countries. Although the resources such as anti-retroviral
drugs (ARVs) and diagnostics are now increasingly available, a rapid
scale-up of AIDS treatment programs has not occurred due to ARV
improper drug management and barriers to ARV adherence. There is
a great need for improving the ARV drugs management
programmes. The proposed one-week's course is based on modules
developed by agencies that have a good amount of experience in the

- to promote rational ARV therapy and adherence
- to promote access to ARV drugs and strategies for scaling-up of
the current programme
- to expose the participants to modern ARV drugs management
- to train the participants in the use of tools in resource poor

Programme contents
- Rational use of ARV drugs and adherence to therapy
- Guide for quantifying ARV drugs
- Guide for quantifying HIV tests
- Assessing supply chain management
- HIV/AIDS service delivery programs

The course is specifically designed for policy makers, management
staff from Ministries of Health, ARV programme managers, NGO
officials responsible for national and local programmes, development
aid agencies, social scientists, pharmacists and health professionals
interested in improving drug supply management and adherence to
ARV therapy.

Course Coordinator:
Jawahar S. Bapna MD, PhD has been the Fellow of National Institute
of Health, USA. He is currently President of the Alliance for Prudent
Use of Antibiotics and Secretary, Society of Pharmacoeconomics
and Outcomes Research, India. He has been instrumental in
conducting a Rational Drug Use training programme at Heart
Province, Afghanistan and developing Medicines Policy in Rajasthan,
Uttranchal, Himachal, Jharkhand, Delhi and many other states in
India. He has great amount of experience in training in the area of
drug management.

Fees and Application
The fee of US$ 500 (INR 21000) payable to "IIHMR, Jaipur", covers
shared accommodation* at the Institute guest house, tuition, course
materials, field visit, airport pickup, and three meals a day. Interested
candidates may send CV along with the activities related to ARV
programme that they are involved with or plan to conduct in their own
setting in future. The last date for the receipt of applications is
November 1, 2008.

For further details contact Jawahar S. Bapna at

*For single accommodation if available, an additional amount of
US$ 25 per night will have to be paid