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[e-drug] Global patent database for pharmaceuticals (4)

  • From: "Joseph Fortunak" <jfortunak@Howard.edu>
  • Date: Wed, 13 Aug 2008 12:22:07 -0400

E-DRUG: Global patent database for pharmaceuticals (4)

Dear Ziyan,

The world would be much more logical if there were such a database, wouldn't it?

Most drugs are "protected" by a family of patents that cover the active ingredient, formulation, crystalline forms, processes for manufacturing and use in various indications. Whether these patents are in force in various countries globally can also be very difficult to ascertain with certainty. Because of this there are very often disagreements between originator and generic companies on the dates when patent coverage expires on many drugs - leading to many, many lawsuits. This is what makes such a database very difficult to create and even more difficult to have complete confidence in.


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