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[e-drug] Looking for Drug Price Lists

  • From: Alan.Stevens@health.gov.au
  • Date: Thu, 13 May 2004 09:33:48 -0400 (EDT)

E-drug: Looking for Drug Price Lists

[This is not strictly within E-drug's scope of serving developing countries,
but I let is pass. Some info are available on the WHO website under price
information. If not the countries mentioned below reply, I suggest Alan to
contact Pietro Follino in Rome who is doing price info on behalf of EU.
Alan, you could also try the E-drug archive. Please E-druggers reply to Alan
directly. KM]

Government Reimbursed Pharmaceutical Prices

Dear E-Druggers

I am seeking to compare reimbursed prices of pharmaceuticals in a number
of countries. These countries are Britain, France, Spain, Italy, Germany,
Greece and the Netherlands. It would be appreciated if anyone could
inform me of websites where this information could be obtained
electronically. Further it would be appreciated if deatils of the
wholesaler and pharmacists margins were available so that the ex-factory
price could be calculated for each country.


Alan Stevens

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