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[e-drug] 15 April: open WHO EDL Committee meeting Geneva

  • From: WilbertBannenberg@compuserve.com
  • Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2002 15:39:07 -0500 (EST)

E-DRUG: 15 April: open WHO EDL Committee meeting Geneva

The recently updated WHO/EDM website mentions an open day on monday 15
April to present its new procedure for getting a medicine on the WHO Model
Essential Drug List (see announcement below, taken from the EDM website:
www.who.int/medicines (follow news right upper corner).

The rest of the week will be a closed meeting in which the WHO Expert
Committee will draft its 12th Model EDL.

The new EDL selection process starts with reviewing evidence, and
performing a pharmaco-economic review of the proposed essential drug.
Candidate drugs are closely compared with existing essential drugs, and
have to show comparative advantage.

The process is more transparent than before, when individual experts could
swing a drug in or out of the list. Civil society (including the E-drug
community!) can now comment on the proposed drugs, some of which are
already listed on WHO/EDM website.

Comments received by grayr@who.int before 8 April will be conveyed to the
EDL Expert Committee. One comment by colleague E-drug moderator Kirsten
Myhr is already available online (on ATC codes in EDL)!

Some of the concrete dossiers available are:
- artemotil/arteether
- artemeter + lumefantrine (co-artem)
- meglumine antimoniate

Many more drugs (incl. some ARVs?) are "in process", and will hopefully be
listed on the website in the coming weeks.

The complete set of expert committee papers can be found at:

The announcement for the public meeting is reproduced below.

Maybe E-druggers can start some discussions as to which drugs should make
it to the 12th EDL?

The current (11th) EDL of December 1999 is available at the same website.



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The Expert Committee on the Use of Essential Drugs 12th Meeting, 15-19
April 2002

Open session: 15 April 2002

Meetings of WHO Expert Committees are private. However an open session of
the 12th Meeting of Committee on the Use of essential Drugs is planned for*
15 April 2002 in Salle D (fifth floor) of the WHO main building between

The objective of this open session is to create an opportunity for
stakeholders to participate in the general discussions of the Expert
Committee and to present their views on Items of the Agenda.

Due to the limited available space and the recently introduced security
measures attendance can only be on a named basis. For those wishing to
attend please contact grayr@who.int for registration so that the security
staff at the entrance can be informed of your arrival. Casual attendance on
the day of the meeting will not be possible.


10.00 Opening Salle D

Procedures for Updating and Disseminating the Model List of Essential
a.. Update on current situation
b.. Current state of WHO Essential Medicines Library
c.. Current state of WHO Model Formulary

Outstanding technical issues:

a.. Essential Medicines concept and description of essential drugs
b.. Role of treatment cost in relation to the Model List
c.. Practical implications for future work

Identification of priority needs for systematic review:

a.. Priority medicines for systematic review
b.. Priority sections for systematic review

Comments on applications for additions/changes/deletions to the Model List.

Comments on other items of the agenda of the Expert Committee.

17.00 Closure

Papers pertinent to the agenda items may be found under meeting documents.


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