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[e-drug] E-drug: What Motivates Drug Donations? (cont'd)

  • From: James B Russo <JBRusso@aol.com>
  • Date: Tue, 29 Feb 2000 09:13:31 -0500 (EST)

E-drug: E-drug: What Motivates Drug Donations? (cont'd)

Dear Mr. Hillstrom:

It is very simple indeed: People who make charges about bad drug
donations (such as YOU, not the recipients) should back them up.
What drugs, what companies, what NGOs, Where. Send it to WHO,
IFPMA and me. When that is done, we can do something about it.

People who refuse to make their claims specific are vulnerable to a
charge of McCarthyism. You remember Joe McCarthy, the US Senator
who claimed to have a list of 200+ Communists working in the State
Department. Got a lot of attention, and hurt a lot of good people. In
the end, he had no list, and he just faded away.

A clarification, please: If in my earlier message I seemed to expect
that individual recipient patients or clinics should be expected to report
bad donations, I was not being clear. What I was trying to say is that
those, like you, who make charges should substantiate them, so that
we can take action. I apologize for my lack of clarity on this point.

As to your call for release of records, much of this information is
already released. But until you charge some specific organization, I'm
reluctant to, in effect, ask donor organizations to spend the
considerable time and money it would cost to prove their innocence.

You know, Mark Raijmakers several days ago asked the right question:
why are you and I fighting? I explained that you are attacking, and I
am asking you to reveal specific evidence. But I agree with Mark. I
think your position and mine are clear. It's time to get back to work.


James B. Russo
Executive Director
The Partnership for Quality Medical Donations
146 Koenig Road
Bernville, PA 19506
610 488 8303
610 488 7036 (fax)

[Jim is right. All positions have been made clear and, unless new
points of view are being presented, I would propose to close this
discussion. Hilbrand Haak, E-drug co-moderator]

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