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[e-drug] What Motivates Drug Donations? (cont'd)

  • From: Siyad Abdullahi <siyad@bu.edu>
  • Date: Tue, 29 Feb 2000 03:35:07 -0500 (EST)

E-drug: What Motivates Drug Donations? (cont'd)

I followed the drug donation discussions with great interest. I agree
with Scott that it is not the responsibility of the drug recipients to
prove harm. I think we all understand the capacities of most
developing countries to effectively counter ineffective or useless
donations is terribly inadequate. And even when such measure exist,
they are mostly compromised by corrupt officials who have the same
motivation with most pharmaceutical companies (making money).
Agreed that some of these companies may have a social agenda too,
the bottom line is that they have to make profit and this might be the
major underlying incentive to donate worthless drugs to unsuspecting
public in poor countries. Although this problem is not exclusive to the
pharmaceutical arena, it is probably the most sensitive since drugs
deal with issues of life and death. Its also very tricky since the
problem appears easy to most people superficially and easily criticized,
but it's indeed more complex. For instance most people ask who the
hell would donate tons of diet pills to starving people. Unfortunately,
the truth is that very many people would do so. I think the issue boils
down to poverty, the LACK OF OPTIONS. I think we need more
independent, incorruptible and tireless "watchdogs" to constantly
counteract both government officials who condone low quality or
worthless donations and pharmaceutical companies who may be
tempted to take advantage of the situation. And we also need
directors of pharmaceutical companies who are truly have a social
agenda. But to be realistic there isn't such a world!.


Dr. Siyad Abdullahi
Boston University
School of Public Health
e-mail: siyad@bu.edu

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