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[e-drug] Evidence-based treatment guidelines

  • From: Andreas Wulf <medico.Wulf@t-online.de>
  • Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2000 14:11:15 -0500 (EST)

E-drug: Evidence-based treatment guidelines

Dear e-druggers,

We are preparing a workshop in the Sahrauian refugee camps in south
east Algeria dealing with the development of standard treatment
guidelines. To use the power of participation we would like to bring as
much as possible evidence based data that can be used in the
development of guidelines by the physicians in the camps themselves.
Does anybody know of such evidence-based development of
treatment guidelines? Preferably in the region of North/West Africa,
but as long as the major health problems in the camps are similar to
situations of poor communities in many parts of the world (diarrhoea
in infants, respiratory infections, otitis media, bacterial meningitis,
trachoma) also other regional experiences would be useful.

Thanks in advance

Andreas Wulf

Project department
Medico International
Obermainanlage 7
D-60314 Frankfurt/Main - Germany
Tel.: +49 69 9443835
Fax: +49 69 436002
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