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[e-drug] Pharmacist registration in the Czech Republic (cont'd)

  • From: Mullerova Hana <mulleroh@faf.cuni.cz>
  • Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2000 06:16:11 -0500 (EST)

E-drug: Pharmacist registration in the Czech Republic (cont'd)

The situation in the Czech Republic is as follows:

After graduation (5 years program) graduates can start immediately to
work in a pharmacy. They can perform all unspecialized tasks (by
specialized tasks I mean handling cytostatics, TPN etc.). Postgraduate
education (attestation exam Ist and IInd grade) is not obligatory. This
specialization is necessary when one would like to become a
pharmacy manager or to lead a hospital pharmacy subunit. Anyway,
the majority of pharmacists pass this exam. To pass this exam you
have to work as a full-time pharmacist for 3 years. Pharmacy practice
is required during undergraduate studies and in the 5th year - 12
weeks are solely reserved for it.

If any other information is necessary, please, contact me directly.


Hana Müllerova, Ph.D.
Dept. Social&Clinical Pharmacy
Faculty of Pharmacy, Charles University
Hradec Kralove 50005
Czech Republic
tel: +420/49/5067452
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e-mail: mulleroh@faf.cuni.cz
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