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[e-drug] Community service for young pharmacists (cont'd)

  • From: Lisa Pont <l.pont@med.rug.nl>
  • Date: Thu, 3 Feb 2000 09:13:00 -0500 (EST)

E-drug: Community service for young pharmacists (cont'd)

Pharmacist registration in Australia:

In Australia Pharmacists complete either 3 or 4 years of university
education (traditionally a 3 year course was available however the
current trend is a 4 year course at many universities).

In general after graduation from university pharmacists then complete
a 1 year pre-registration program/internship (either in a community or
hospital pharmacy). During this pre-registration year they must work,
for a defined time period, under supervision of a registered
pharmacist. At then end of this year some form of examination (oral,
written or both) is held by the Board of Pharmacy (not the university)
before registration is granted.

Pharmacist registration is done statewide-with each state defining the
number of pre-registration hours and the content and form of the
registration exam. Once a pharmacist is registered in one state,
registration in another state is granted upon application.

The current exception to the intern year is in the state of Tasmania
where graduates can enroll to do a Graduate Diploma through the
university and through this satisfy the time requirements. The
graduate diploma students still sit the same pre-registration board
exam but their pre-registration year is co-ordinated through the
university rather than by working in a pharmacy (these students get
experience in many different pharmacies - both hospital and

Hope this is helpful

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