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[e-drug] Healthlink Worldwide's new Resource Centre Manual

  • From: "Robin B. Parnes" <rbp@usa.healthnet.org>
  • Date: Tue, 1 Feb 2000 02:10:39 -0500 (EST)

E-drug: Healthlink Worldwide's new Resource Centre Manual

On Tuesday 1st February 2000, Healthlink Worldwide will be
launching its Resource Centre Manual at the International Health and
Education Exhibition in London.

Sarah Dutton, Information Systems Co-ordinator and one of the
co-authors, will introduce this essential new information tool kit at the
Healthlink Worldwide exhibition stand. The Resource Centre Manual is
designed for health and disability workers working in training and
information with poor communities around the world. Written in
simple, accessible English, it is packed with practical, tried and tested
tips. It will appeal to anyone who wants to set up and develop a
resource centre, particularly if they have to operate on a shoe-string

The Resource Centre Manual is comprehensive and practical and
includes examples, tips, illustrations, check and resource lists. It can
be used for reference, training, or to aid information service

"This new manual is designed to be a dynamic document which will
evolve with usage. Readers can adapt it to their own needs. We are
asking for feed back so that their experiences can be incorporated into
the text. The document will continue to be updated", adds Sarah

The Resource Centre Manual will be available on the Internet at:


by 4th February 2000. Printed copies will be available from Health-link
Worldwide's London office. Each copy comes in a handy ringbinder to
allow easy updating. Healthlink Worldwide (formerly known as
AHRTAG) is renowned for practical health and disability newsletters
and publications. The newsletters are published in 10 languages and
disseminated to more than 2 million contacts worldwide.

Resource Centre Manual
120 pages
Limited printed copies GBP 9.50 for developing countries,
others GBP 14.50.

Also available from 4/2/2000 as full text on the Internet
http://www.healthlink.org.uk and to download as Rich Text Format
(RTF) files (which can be opened and edited by all types of
wordprocessing software).

Further information from:
Publications Administrator
Healthlink Worldwide
Cityside, 40 Adler Street
London E1 1EE, UK
Tel: +44-20-7539-1570
Fax: +44-20-7539-1580

Robin Brett Parnes, M.P.H.
Information Officer

30 California Street
Watertown, MA 02472 USA
Telephone: +617.926.9400
Fax: +617.926.1212
Email: rbp@usa.healthnet.org

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